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Thu Aug 11 00:09:10 2016

[–] xpen25x 8 months ago   (1 child) permalink save parent give gold nationwide smart ride I live 1 mile from work and put less than 20 miles per week on my car My car is sort of broken and does not accelerate very well at all Its a 1997 toyota Rav4 manual transmission.
It can not be correct! I called nationwide customer service The guy I spoke to said, he just went to an extensive one week training course on the SmartRide device I said great then can you answer this question please? How does this device actually monitor the acceleration and braking on my car (keep in mind its a 1997 with a very old basic car computer that is not hooked up to my speedometer ect.

He said and I quote "I do not know the answer to your question sir" I said, so for an entire week long class nobody explained to you how the device actually works? He said, and I quote "I can not give you that information All I can do is take a message to email to my supervisor" I said c May I just please speak to your supervisor? He said, no one is allowed to speak to a supervisor in the company All communication must go through him to an email and there is no other way to communicate to a supervisor according to company policy He called me back 3 days later and said, The device measures braking and acceleration through the cars RPM's I said I have a stick shift and have to keep reving the motor cause it wont hold and idol plus everytime i push the clutch in it is showing a hard stop even though Its just me.

" For more information about teen driving and the SmartRide(SM) [–] HyzerFlip 8 months ago   (3 children) permalink save give gold Of that number, the survey showed, 76 percent would accept a device in their vehicles to monitor nationwide smart ride Insurance companies are coming up with clever ways to reduce our auto insurance costs Allied Insurance (think “Nationwide is on your side”) has a new device that you can install in your car yourself called SmartRide.

You get a 5% participation discount just for signing up After the device has been installed for about 4 months, you return it The lower your mileage shown on the device, the higher the discount – up to 15% That discount will be applied at each renewal and continue for as long as the vehicle is insured on the policy* Every little bit counts! And ordering the device is FREE to you nationwide smart ride.
Did you have any problem getting out of the program? After holding an auto insurance policy for about 8-9 months and being part of smart ride insurance policy for about 4-5 months, I noticed that my policy has had wrong VIN nationwide smart ride To rectify the mistake, I did an online change of VIN, which has resetted my smartride device history and now I have to wait 6 more months for any discounts to be available When I contacted customer care and asked them to.
Same here nationwide smart ride I called them and they told me I wasn't braking too hard, i was slowing down too fast! If you slow more than 7 miles per second, it will go off! No nationwide smart ride This is a discount program We only use this information to reward you with a discount, not raise your rates.
Only had them one month Payed my first payment when i sat up my account Was told i was all good little did i know they had sent my account to collections They sent it in for three times my premium.
And without any bill of this just straight to a Then go online to track your discount and get personalized feedback about your driving trends.

Nationwide Insurance - NATIONWIDE SMARTRIDE IS VERY INACCURATE nationwide smart ride nope nationwide smart ride just unhooking it for a couple weeks will unenroll you they will send you a box to ship it back.

rolled forward a little and stopped again and it beeped like i had locked it up i tried it for 3 months and couldnt figure out how it wanted me to drive here some of our off ramps are short and every time i would get off the highway it would beep and when i would call and ask them about it they said i needed to coast more Sexual content Violent or abusive content Spam Infringes my rights Menu Home Car Insurance FAQ Car Insurance Companies Rates by State Car Insurance Comparison Chart Car Insurance Guide Cheap Car Insurance I ordered insurance for 3 vehicles online Paid a larger amount for the first month, and paid for the next 2 months as required In the last month, I got a rate increase of $1700 because I hadn't sent them proof of home ownership.

I even tried to get a quote for Homeowners Insurance from their local agent, but she took her time calling me back I got immediate coverage with two other carriers for less than the original rate from Nationwide, and cancelled Nationwide Now they are hounding me for over $650 more I don't owe this They turned it over to a collection company who asked me for my proof of insurance I sent it.

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