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Classic Vintage Cars for Sale: Prices to Expect for Popular Old American Autos muscle car insurance rates Another factor is the likely drivers of a given model Is it young men or older women? As Amy Danise, editorial director of Insurecom, told 24/7 Wall St, “If you’re buying insurance for the Ford Edge” — which had the lowest average insurance premium — “you are benefitting from the great driving of people you’ve never met” The same probably holds true at the other end of the spectrum for muscle cars driven by men under 25.

Commercial Auto Business Travel Pet Mechanical Repair ID Theft muscle car insurance rates Your car is a collectible that you want to enjoy on the road—the way it was meant to be enjoyed Use your classic for pleasure driving, like taking an occasional cruise or attending unlimited events; you have no fixed mileage restrictions **.

Remember, traditional car insurance coverage is based on depreciating value In the situation of a collectible car, you want to make sure you obtain full coverage for all that you have invested in the vehicle Two ways to differentiate between a collectible car and a just plain "older" car are the amount invested in the vehicle and the rarity of the car Different regions can have very different average auto rates muscle car insurance rates.

The regional factors that impact typical auto insurance rates include: Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, At this site: you can compare quotes from different companies in a few minutes muscle car insurance rates Try it is free.

That price will be based on your assessment of the car's value and the price the car has brought at auction and in collector's sales If the car is destroyed, you'll get that agreed-to value without having to dicker about depreciation It may seem counterintuitive that the premiums would be lower on a policy that provides a higher replacement cost But the reason is simple: Classic and collectible cars are pampered (and driven infrequently and carefully).

How much cheaper is classic car insurance? The answer varies widely based on the insurer and vehicle A State Firm spokesman said it might cost $470 annually to cover a 1968 Camaro with a traditional policy -- with a lot of caveats (Specifically, the driver had 30 years of experience, multiple discounts and a perfect driving record) State Firm would cut that rate by about 20% to $380 annually if you mentioned that it was a collectible car and that you planned to drive it mainly to shows and to show off, said State Firm spokesman Bob Devereux.

Why? Because State Firm uses dozens of factors to price your policy, while Heacock has a simpler model They're mainly looking at the car's value and how it is going to be used Heacock explains that if you're driving it solely in parades and to and from auto shows, the chance of getting T-boned on the highway -- or slamming into another driver -- is pretty slim These low prices come with plenty of restrictions, however Heacock doesn't cover youthful drivers.

) The car can't be driven more than 5,000 miles a year and it had better have a home in the garage, not in the driveway or yard State Firm specifies that it's insuring you to drive in parades and to car shows -- not to work or to the supermarket "We're not looking to insure your second car," Heacock said "We're only interested in insuring cars that are getting some extra attention.

If a car draws enthusiasts and is driven like a collectible, it probably can be insured like a collectible, said Miller of the Insurance Information Network The more time that passes from the day your license was issued, the better for your monthly auto insurance costs muscle car insurance rates Even if you do not plan to drive alone until you are out of the high risk zone, it is a good idea to get your license as soon as you can to get distance from that “just licensed” period car insurance , a provider will look into your history as a motorist If you have a history of traffic accidents and citations, your rate will be higher Insurance companies view drivers with more traffic violations as statistically more likely to be in an accident Passwords are case sensitive and must be 8 characters long and must contain an Uppercase (A - Z) Lowercase (a - z) and a Number (0 - 9) muscle car insurance rates Some classic car insurance providers cover only vehicles that have already been restored.

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