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Wed Aug 10 21:43:12 2016

Find People Featured Collections Restaurants Automotive Home Improvement Health & Wellness Attorneys i agree, if i could give them negative stars I would This company is incompetent to the tenth degree   I had the misfortune of being hit by one of their insured drivers and it has been the biggest headache  First, they took two weeks just to deny my claim  Second, they never contacted me to deny my claim.

)  Which means that I have to pay a tow truck to get my car out of their equally sh**y Storage lot  I always assumed fred loya was full of excrement, but now it has been confirmed  This company employs people who clearly have no business working in this industry, not to mention, they sound ignorant  Stop giving your money to these crooks and put them out of business for good.

Come to a final disposition of the claim based on all the evidence gathered during the liability investigation I have 2 cars insured with Fred Loya I have the 2 cars in shop right now to repair hail damage We had bad storms in Colorado this year, so we went and drop off our cars to this shop and then we went to enterprise to get our rental.

This happened 7/16/15 until now they are claiming I went and got it myself They are refusing to pay it and on top they will only pay for only 4 days for the rental!! When I called the rental department of Fred Loya they were rude and so unprofessional Even the management was horrible To top it off I got a letter from them saying they took us off the discount list of theirs because this claim, hail damage repair that wasn't our fault!! My understanding is that our policy shouldn't go up because a claim that wasn't our fault.
HORRIBLE FRED LOYA Questions about your Loya Insurance Group policy or switching to Loya Insurance Group auto insurance? Speak to one of our insurance specialists today rates, we have grown from one El Paso office to offices serving the state of Texas Each of our locations has convenient operating hours, 9am to 7pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9am to 2pm.
Regardless of your driving record we offer: Immediate Coverage –  less – ZoomInfo This user has arrived from Cityvox, a company acquired by Yelp in 2014 We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience average miles put on a car in a year .
Questions about your Loya Insurance Group policy or switching to Loya Insurance Group auto insurance? Speak to one of our insurance specialists today TERRIBLE COMPANY!!  My son was rear ended by the brother of the insured.

 My son's insurance company had to pay but he is still out the over $500 for the car rental fees  They are a terrible company  Good luck if you are "covered by them or even worse if you get hit by someone "insured' by them  Wish I could give them no stars!!.

Before I even get started please DO NOT CHOOSE LOYA as a insurance provider RUN as fast as you can.
The body repair shop (which were extremely professional and kind) called to advise me my car was ready for pick up Once I arrived they asked if I had received any funds from Loya to pay the bill I responded no! We then called Loya and that's when ** hit the fan Loya said "Oh we mailed the check to repair shop on 09/09/15", two days before I went to pick up my car Mind you the check was $250 less needed to close out bill and pick up my car I then called my adjuster who sounds like she didn't complete 5th grade, saying she will email confirmation that she sent one of the checks and will cut the other check for $250.
Not to my surprise she hadn't did **! Around 9:30 at night I get a call from another illiterate adjuster whom barely spoke English saying he was returning calls for the first dumb adjuster He advised me that the person who hit me insurance company had never sent the letter to prove the person was not covered Why in the hell as a professional in your field would call a customer after 7 pm and also wait two weeks to say you needed proper documents to complete the claim I'm calling a attorney ASAP.

15th and will no longer do business with a company who seems to only have incompetent adjusters and customer service agents PLEASE save yourself from a heart attack and humiliation and not get this insurance!!! I was literally in tears today dealing with these **!! My girlfriend was rear ended by a Fred Loya insured can you rent a car without car insurance I called my insurance company and they told me in order to avoid my deductible that I should go after them myself.

Once the adjuster showed up to take a look at my car 2 hours later than promised he said it was about 4k worth of work I had already gotten estimates for over 7500 dollars I laughed and said ok and told him he'd need to go back out for a supplement check eventually and he shined me on So I get in contact with the adjuster Julianna **, and she is by far the most unprofessional person I have ever spoken to in my life! Her boss Felicia ** was the same way! They can't wait to get you off the phone! I literally had to leave messages threatening to sue in order to get anything back from them! The day I dropped of my car to the body shop I was asking about a rental because I was told that I would be getting one and they said there was no reservation number for a rental there So I call and I call and of course no answer, so here come the threatening messages again. Well all this took place in September and it's now November and I'm still without a car!!! They are sooo slow paying and god forbid you call and ask about it because then they want to play games!! They stopped payment on one check for no reason and sent another one!!! This company is RIDICULOUS!!! STAY AWAY FROM FRED LOYA INSURANCE!!! After a Fred Loya customer destroyed my sole transport for work, Fred Loya undervalued it so badly it was despicable  No one should ever trust these people to provide claim service  Stay away.  They think their customers are too stupid to find a better company do not do business with this insurance it should be shut down.

i recently moved and i wanted to change my address on file and these fuckers wanted to charge me extra because "based on my zipcode it goes up" bullshit.

i just know i will be in waaaayy better hands .

On April 30, 2015, I was hit by a Fred Loya insured drunk driver fred loya insurance dallas Adjuster came and took pictures of my totaled vehicle, and an offer was made that I refused (per my lawyer) and then I got nothing!!! It's been almost 5 months and neither my attorney nor I can get a status I've received only one rude message by phone and 2 short emails that contained no information They didn't offer a rental or anything!!! I've been borrowing and bumming rides for my kids and I with no response from what my attorney called "bottom feeders of insurance companies".

Questions about your Loya Insurance Group policy or switching to Loya Insurance Group auto insurance? Speak to one of our insurance specialists today suncorp comprehensive car insurance As a family owned and operated company, Loya Insurance Group understands the importance of protecting your family and car fred loya insurance dallas However, we don't believe car insurance should cost you a fortune.
We provide some of the most affordable comprehensive insurance policies around for single plan drivers Receive further deep discounted savings on your auto insurance policy when you sign up for one of our multi-family driving plans and protect all the drivers in your family We are here for you Loya Insurance Group makes paying your auto insurance bill easy and convenient with our online, secure payment processor.
who deals with car insurance complaints Get your car insurance price quote online and contact Loya Insurance Group today Join our team and help others get affordable auto insurance in their neighborhood fred loya insurance dallas .
Hit a deer going to san antonio ,reported accident to fred loya ins They were more interested in how the deer was ! Then it takes them a week to get us in a cheap *** car lol we barely fit in And it took vara chevrolet ,martin from collision center 4 months to get it fixed with used parts im talking about a well taken care of 2011 chevy traverse how much does the ins comission need to see or.

We offer superior low cost car insurance that you can afford in your budget All of Fred Loya's commercials say how they can save you so much money, but at what cost fred loya insurance dallas I had their insurance and when I went to trade in my truck my dealership would not accept that insurance I was told it was because when you are in an accident they don't pay out.

fred loya insurance dallas do not do business with this insurance.

i recently moved and i wanted to change my address on file and these fuckers wanted to charge me extra because "based on my zipcode it goes up" bullshit.

once jan2015 comes im going thru a new insurance i will pay double if i have to i just know i will be in waaaayy better hands.

Unfortunately, I had to give one star  I did not move forward with Fred Loya and the were still a headache  I informed the agent that I wanted to cancel, she transferred me to her office manager to try to persuade me  I continued to tell them that I did not wish to move forward and would like a refund.

 While waiting on the form I received a call from the general manager trying to persuade me to move forward with their insurance  This was the third person and by this time I was frustrated  They seem to need business badly  After a few hours I never received the form so I contacted the call center (corp.

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