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Wed Aug 10 05:43:09 2016

american express platinum benefits car rental insurance american express platinum benefits car rental insurance Mike, the article mentioned that the cards mentioned, offer “secondary” coverage, meaning you would have to have regular car insurance first Then if there was a need for additional coverage, the card company would offer coverage above the limitations of your personal insurance company’s policy For Centurion ® americanexpress american express platinum benefits car rental insurance. For Business Centurion ® americanexpresscom/BusinessCenturionCRLDITerms Rick_A: It’s “in” journalism school american express platinum benefits car rental insurance Also, the proper punctuation at the end of your sentence should be a question mark, not exclamation You indeed should have had a snickers along with proof reading your comment prior to posting.

the national insurance producer registry I live in Mexico, but travel a lot to Florida When I rent a car I don´t know if I have to take an insurance or what kind of an insurance shall I have I allways use a Visa card, but I am concerned about liability which I know in some states is pretty high (I do not understand what do you mean with the benefit been “secundary” in my case, does it means that it only covers if I have a primary insurance policy?, which I have but it is issued in México) However, if you have car insurance, the liability insurance coverage along with your deductibles and limits *may* carry over to when you rent a car american express platinum benefits car rental insurance  But read your own car insurance policy carefully or ask your insurance agent to confirm if your personal car insurance policy will carry over to a car rental.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover all provide rental car insurance above and beyond what your primary insurer and rental company will offer american express platinum benefits car rental insurance Here’s a quick overview of each network’s benefits and limitations: Visa is often touted for its excellent rental car insurance benefits, mostly because it’s widely available for cardholders Unlike many other networks, it offers rental car insurance on all of its cards — standard, Signature, rewards, the works However, it limits its rental car coverage period to only 15 consecutive days domestically and 31 consecutive days abroad.
However, rental car insurance is not offered on all cards, and it limits its coverage period on all rental cars to 15 consecutive days or fewer According to customer service, it’s available only on Platinum, Gold, World and World Elite cards American Express is the only network to offer premium coverage for a small fee It offers free secondary coverage up to $50,000 ($75,000 on  The Platinum Card® from American Express  and the  Delta Reserve Credit Card ), but will offer primary coverage with a higher limit and protection against injury and property damage if you choose it.

Unlike the other three networks, Discover doesn’t cover loss of use fees, only collision damage up to a $25,000 Diminished value:  The amount that the rental car’s resale value decreases This cost is usually relatively small, unless you manage to significantly damage the car without totaling it However if you don't have a personal insurance policy then you do not have this level of protection Although some states mandate that some level of 3rd party damage insurance be included with a rental contract but it is minimal coverage $10,000-100,000 coverage, depending on state.

Excellent point, Scott The problem is when one rents for a month or over, this CDW DOUBLES the bargain price of the rental I know… Insurance always seems expensive ‘before’ any incident, but any Car Rental agency will fight to the tooth to avoid paying or reimbursing anything to their customers… american express platinum benefits car rental insurance.

What we need to hear is real life examples of when people used Visa and Amex cards for a rental and were in an accident, and how the CC handled the case american express platinum benefits car rental insurance american express platinum benefits car rental insurance Thoroughly research all credit decisions for yourself! I forgot to add, liability coverage is typically easy to attain and relatively inexpensive american express platinum benefits car rental insurance Unless as in Elliott’s example where it doesn’t make sense for you to carry liability of your own due to not owning a car or another factor, I would recommend carrying a policy and just checking with your agent that it transfers to any vehicle you drive As I mentioned elsewhere, in some states your liability coverage alone can sometimes cover rental cars as the state sometimes regards them as “third-party” property And I would recommend getting an adequate level of coverage.

In response to Mike, it’s my understanding that liability insurance is automatically included in the base rental fee That is, both the owner of a car (Hertz) and the driver (you) have potential liability to innocent third parties hurt in an accident So, the car company automatically provides liability insurance The credit cards (and CDWs) are to pay for damage that happens to the rental car itself while it’s in your possession american express platinum benefits car rental insurance This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers.

For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page YOU ARE NOW LEAVING THE LATIN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL DOLLAR CARD WEBSITE american express platinum benefits car rental insurance Very comprehensive article, Daraius A reader just emailed me yesterday and asked a very similar question.

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