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Wed Aug 10 08:49:15 2016

Please change your battery replacement advertising to disclose that you don't service BMW aaa auto insurance pasadena ca I could have taken my car to the dealer today Saturday morning, but your marketing for battery replacement left me under the misimpression that AAA actually provides this service Instead your tow truck driver shows up, tests the battery, and tells me they don't carry batteries that work on BMW.

When I called back, she suggested the waste of time was actually my fault for using the service to have my battery replaced  But that is exactly what your website says you do: Come to my home and replace my batter Now I get to keep my car parked all weekend until I can get to an open dealer on Monday morning instead of going to work How about some honesty in advertising?  Let your members know you don't replace BMW batteries when you hit us up to renew our membership.

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or AT&T affiliated companies All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners Featured Automotive Roadside Service in Baldwin Park, California They are open 10-2 on Saturdays.

You can get two passport pictures for $15 if you are a non-member; $8 if you are a member  Bonus:  You don't need membership to get International Driver's License here aaa auto insurance pasadena ca .

I am just going to wait for my policy to expire, and I'm done with this company Granted they did an excellent job of having my motorcycle repaired after my accident, they were really on top of their game Mr Kent Keeler.

is outstandinghowever.

this review is not for him This review is for the Pasadena location.

then 4 months later.

when you need their serviceyou find out some things, that really upset you.

LIKE NOT BEING ABLE TO TOW YOUR MOTORCYCLE!! WTF?!! My best friend and I went for a ride on sunday, and unfortunately, he lost it on the canyons on gravelbike was totaled.

he had to be airlifted to a hospital for his injuriesi told him not to worry, I would take care of his bike So I get on the phone with AAAand the lady says to me that I DONT HAVE MOTORCYCLE TOWING!! I WAS LIKE WTF YOU MEAN I DONT? Like 5 months ago, I went to the Pasadena office and spoke to a rep there (I won't say her name because I don't like putting people on blast).

I ended up paying like almost $200 that day.

She informed me that I had 8 tows per year.

I thought, since I was only insuring my motorcycle, that those tows were good for that.

THAT'S THE ONLY REASON I DECIDED TO GET ITI have State Firm for my other 2 cars.

obviously, being stuck on the side of a damn mountain for 6 hours while your boys drive up to you in a truck can be a little bit frustrating So I called AAA and spoke to the "rep" who helped me the first time.

and I did speak to her a little rough, I wanted her to know that I was NOT HAPPY! She had the audacity to call me rude and that I should get her some flowers or cookies!! WTF!! Why would I do that after I got screwed by a company that I'm paying for!! Its not a service I'm getting for free!!! I have to pay for this crap!!! She told me that it would cost and additional $22 for the motorcycle towing!! WTF!!! It should of been on there from the beginning Now if I had been involved in an accident, and it had been my bike that had to stay up that hillDAMN!! THERE WOULD OF BEEN HELL TO PAY!! COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

I am cancelling this service, once my policy expires.

Then I wait in the correct line for an additional 20 minutes to be told to take a seat and wait for my name to be called Ok so I walk, sit down and wait about 25 minutes thinking this looks just like a small version of a DMV I notice a sign that says CHECKS AND CASH ONLY! I only had a debit card because the DMV accepts debit so why wouldn't AAA I asked the gentleman in the front if they could save my spot, that i was going to rush home and get a check He said sorry but you have to start from the back of the line On Saturdays they close at 2pm and since it was already almost 1:30 pm there was no way I could drive home and get a check or drive to my bank and get cash (they wouldn't even tell me how much it would be in total so I could bring in exact cash) Not to mention I had my two small kids with me and that is hard enough to load them in and out of the car, back and forth Long story short I waisted an hour for nothing plus driving back and forth.

This is my go-to AAA for over 20 years and have really never had a problem auto insurance saratoga springs ny I have purchased and sold 6-8 cars and it has always been easy in and out Be sure you have all of your paperwork in order and you will have no trouble AAA Automobile Club of Southern California - Arcadia, CA, United States vehicle insurance ontario canada This AAA continues to be the very best one I've ever been to After failing to receive my registration & sticker I gave the DMV a call.

I was thanking my lucky stars I could come here instead and was helped by a very sweet lady Seriously, any time I've ever been here the staff has been stellar! At no cost I was assisted in changing my name to my married name and was given an updated registration with my sticker They also recently helped me add my name to a family car title saving me another unwanted trip to the DMV No hassle, just easy and friendly service Thank you!.

AAA branches offer a variety of services including insurance (auto, home, and life), vacation planning, discounted tickets, and more And, did you know that select AAA branches offer DMV services? Visit your friendly neighborhood branch to learn about these great services This place really has the nicest staff ever overland park car insurance I inherited a car that was shipped from NJ and came to….

aaa auto insurance pasadena ca Fantastic service the second you walk in the door large car low insurance group Armen from auto insurance is super patient and helpful I switched auto insurance and ended up with a multi policy! He helped saved me $2k.

happy to be a AAA member.

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